Solid Waste Management by Lucy Kamau | #MjiWetu

Published on 14 Feb 2017

Mji Wetu is an initiative seeking to have you, as a Kenyan be a part of the solution to the issues that are currently face our societies. With our topics being around infrastructure, public health, security, urbanization and lifestyle. We would like you to participate by sharing your experiences and solutions to these issues. 
Last week's discussion on #mjiwetu was on public health, with the key driver being the importance of health and sanitation in and around our cities.

Lucy Kamau, took the time to create and share this video on solid waste management and possible solutions that our leaders and us, as citizens can take to address the issues.

You too, can be a contributor. Join the conversation #mjiwetu and let's do it for our cities.

Source: Youtube

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Solid Waste Management by Lucy Kamau | #MjiWetu

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