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Lawrence Benninger India, urban planning, resilience, Capacity Building, Collaborative Urban Design, citizen participation, stakeholder participation, Quality of Life
Marco Kamiya Kenya, latin america, japan, Asia, Economics, municipal finance, Urban economy, Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean, UN-Habitat, UN-Habitat Publication, local economic development, Social & economic development, finance, city development, City, Capacity Building Global Housing Strategy, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), UN Urban Gateway Group, World Urban Forum
Prabha Khosla cities, Women's Rights, Gender Equality, Governance, Water and sanitation, Capacity Building Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Jonathan Price urban planning, Housing, Shelter, Capacity Building, Training, Project Management, Project planning, Policy research, Early recovery, Livelihoods, Project evaluation, Communication, Partnerships, Cambodia, Philippines, Bhutan, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Vietnam, Bangladesh Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group