Namesort ascending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
James Chakwizira Africa
Imoro Braimah advocacy, affordable housing policy, Africa, Ghana, informal urbanism
Guy Lefebvre Africa, urban planning, Academic Level
Girma Semu Ethiopia, Africa
Giovana Beltrao environmental urban and territorial planning, community development, Urban & Regional Planner, Masters degree, stakeholder participation, local government, north america, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean HABICO
Ekaterina Bezgachina Europe, Africa, affordable housing, African urbanism Habitat for Humanity Europe, Middle East and Africa Global Energy Network for Urban Settlements (GENUS), Human Settlements in Crisis, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), The Mwelu Foundation, UN Urban Gateway Group, World Habitat Day, World Urban Forum
Damilola Odekunle Academic, Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, environmental sustainability, Socially sustainable urban development, sustainable urban development, Sustainability, sustainable transport, Social Sustainability in Housing Development, Environmental psychology, Urban Built Environment, environmental urban and territorial planning, environmental ethics, Water Resource Management, environmental policies, Community and Economic Development, Gender and climate change, climate change, development management, Nigeria, community development, Green Building Design, Africa
Catarina Mastellaro Africa, affordable housing, Slum Upgrading, Latin America and the Caribbean, slum urbanism, Public Policy, informal settlements, Brazil
beatrice muthanga Africa