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Damilola Odekunle Academic, Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, environmental sustainability, Socially sustainable urban development, sustainable urban development, Sustainability, sustainable transport, Social Sustainability in Housing Development, Environmental psychology, Urban Built Environment, environmental urban and territorial planning, environmental ethics, Water Resource Management, environmental policies, Community and Economic Development, Gender and climate change, climate change, development management, Nigeria, community development, Green Building Design, Africa
Elizabeth L. Sweet Mexico, Colombiia, U.S., Gender Violence, Community and Economic Development, Qualitative Methods, Visceral Methods, Community Mapping, Body Map Storytelling
Evelyn Ongige Kenya, Community and Economic Development
Hennie Botes moladi, Community and Economic Development, low cost housing, rural villages, sustainable human settlements Global Housing Strategy, Low-income affordable housing - Construction Technology, UN Urban Gateway Group
Tom Wilson Community and Economic Development, Historic Presrvation, Urban Ministry