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Planning Tank India, urban planning, Regional and urban planning, GIS, Data analysis, Data Presentation, Rural Planning, City Planning, Town Planning, #SDG, #Resilient Cities, sustainable development, sustainable human settlements Planning Tank
Kalyan Developers India, Middle East, UK, USA, Austria, Australia Kalyan Developers
Jothy Shankar B India
Pooja Sastry India, Bangalore, Gujarat, urban planning, Regional planning, sustainable urban transport, gender, climate change
Lawrence Benninger India, urban planning, resilience, Capacity Building, Collaborative Urban Design, citizen participation, stakeholder participation, Quality of Life Centre for Development Studies and Activities
Rajiv Reddy India, Gujarat, urban planning, Infrastructure Planning
RAJAN MORBIA Regional planning, urban planning, India, Master of Planning
Ranvijay Kumar India, urban, City, Housing, Bihar, Sahyogi, NGO, bihar, sahyogi, urban housing, right to shelter, Urban poor, Urban economy
ALBA RODRIGUEZ ILLANES Landscape and Architecture, Master in Architecture, urban health; urban development; social development; sustainable development, India, South America, south asia
SUNEEL SONI municipal finance, India, Doctoral study, PhD, Innovation