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Tom Goodfellow Africa, Land policy, urban transport, Infrastructure, affordable housing, Housing, municipal finance, Activism, informal settlements, informal urbanism
Thiago Soares Barbizan Brazil, São Paulo, Food Security, Urban and Peri Urban Agriculture, Urban Agriculture, Cities Without Hunger, Housing, informal settlements Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Solmaz Hosseinioon urban design, PhD, University of Melbourne, Urban Resilience, resilience, informality, informal settlements, research, Disaster Management, mitigation, Adaptation, historical areas, community, identity and placemaking Public Group, UN Urban Gateway Group
Mark Napier advocacy, affordable housing, Architect, Land policy, informal settlements Urban Land Markets Programme Southern Africa (Urban LandMark) UN Urban Gateway Group
Jaime Hernandez-Garcia colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean, informal settlements, PhD, public space, food security hub
Catarina Mastellaro Africa, affordable housing, Slum Upgrading, Latin America and the Caribbean, slum urbanism, Public Policy, informal settlements, Brazil