Name Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Jieling Liu China, Portugal, Europe, #Urbanisation, PhD( in progress), Urban Governance, climate change Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment: a Systems Analysis Approach A 10-year Global Interdisciplinary Research Programme
Xavi Bermejo Urban Governance, community knowledge, local government
Christiaan Norde Netherlands, European Union, Urban Governance, Integrated urban development
Alexander Jachnow informal urbanism hub, national urban policies, Urban Governance, education, Capacity_development, Placemaking
Mohamed Saleh architect and planner, PhD, Public Spaces, Urban Governance, Network Society
Saumya Jain affordable housing, regional_planning, sustainable_urbanization, sustainable transport, environmental sustainability, Peri-Urban Development, Urban Governance, energy efficiency, Labour Inter-Regional Movement
Parth Chitte affordable housing policy, affordable housing, advocacy, environmental urban and territorial planning, national urban policies, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, urban planning, urban planning and design, Urban Governance
Hrishiraj Sarma India, urban planning, Urban & Regional Planner, affordable housing, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, architect and planner, advocacy, affordable housing policy, architecture, Geoinformatics, sustainable_urbanization, environmental sustainability, city-region planning, habitat, Urban Governance
Michele Acuto Urban Governance, leadership, urban safety, associate professor, networks
Sonia Roitman Housing, urban growth, Urban Governance, poverty, development, informal urbanism hub, climate change hub, urban governance hub, gated communities, development planning