Namesort ascending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Luciana Maia climate change, SDGs, NUA, education and training, networking and capacity building. Formulating strategies and applying technical inputs., #city, Urban Strategy, Asia & Pacific, Africa, Europe
Jieling Liu China, Portugal, Europe, #Urbanisation, PhD( in progress), Urban Governance, climate change Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment: a Systems Analysis Approach A 10-year Global Interdisciplinary Research Programme
Jens Aerts sustainable_urbanization, United nations, active transportation, Europe, united states, urban planning and design, urban policy UN Urban Gateway Group
Gaurav Sarin UK, Asia, Europe, Housing, urban health; urban development; social development; sustainable development, Architect, urban design, planned city expansion TheStudio Orange UN Urban Gateway Group
Ekaterina Bezgachina Europe, Africa, affordable housing, African urbanism Habitat for Humanity Europe, Middle East and Africa Global Energy Network for Urban Settlements (GENUS), Human Settlements in Crisis, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), The Mwelu Foundation, UN Urban Gateway Group, World Habitat Day, World Urban Forum
Carles Vinardell Europe, Catalonia, architect and planner, affordable housing, responsive planning, architecture
Andrzej Klimczuk ageing, aging, demography, population, Europe, European Union