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Cristina Gregorio #Urbanisation, urbanclimatefinance, climatefinance, Asia
Terry Green African urbanism, Asia, Political economy, Public Private Partnerships
Md. Abdur Rashid Sikder Bangladesh, Asia
Giovana Beltrao environmental urban and territorial planning, community development, Urban & Regional Planner, Masters degree, stakeholder participation, local government, north america, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean HABICO
Farnaz Arefian Middle East, Asia, PhD, Collaborative Urban Design, architecture, Programming, urban planning and design, Disaster Management, reconstruction Global Housing Strategy, Silk Cities, UN Urban Gateway Group
Marco Kamiya Kenya, latin america, japan, Asia, Economics, municipal finance, Urban economy, Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean, UN-Habitat, UN-Habitat Publication, local economic development, Social & economic development, finance, city development, City, Capacity Building Global Housing Strategy, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), UN Urban Gateway Group, World Urban Forum
Gaurav Sarin UK, Asia, Europe, Housing, urban health; urban development; social development; sustainable development, Architect, urban design, planned city expansion TheStudio Orange UN Urban Gateway Group
Bharat Dahiya Asia, south asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, urban planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Habitat III, informal urbanism hub, informal urbanism, climate change hub, climate change, Resilient Cities, Academic, Professional, UN-HABITAT Youth, Slum Upgrading, Urban Research, Academic Level UN Urban Gateway Group