Namesort descending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Carrick Reddin youth, united states, social urbanism, urban planning and design, student
Eugenie Birch united states UN Urban Gateway Group
Ilan Juran united states, Paris, Israel, Palestine, Haiti, Infrastructure, Water management, UNESCO, New York City, NYU, focal_point, sustainable urban transport, Sustainable Security
Jens Aerts sustainable_urbanization, United nations, active transportation, Europe, united states, urban planning and design, urban policy UN Urban Gateway Group
Lennon Richardson Vertical City, China, united states, World wide, Sustainability, Marketing, smart cities
PAUL NAKAZAWA Bahamas, Bahrain, Brazil, Uruguay, united states, colombia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Norway Global Housing Strategy, UN Urban Gateway Group
Pedro Pignatari united states, United nations, United Kingdom, Paris, london, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, urban planning, Transportation, urban transport, Master, São Paulo