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pamela birungi Green Growth, green cities, Land policy, Water and sanitation, energy, Land-use, Green City Development, Social & economic development, environmental urban and territorial planning, urban planning
Owen Pietsch Liveability, urban planning, community, people, Health Promotion
Planning Tank urban planning, Data analysis, Data Processing, Data Presentation, Regional planning, Urban and Regional Planning, GIS
Pedro Pignatari united states, United nations, United Kingdom, Paris, london, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, urban planning, Transportation, urban transport, Master, São Paulo
Archimedes Muzenda zimbabwe, south africa, Namibia, New Urbanism, local economic development, regional policy, Urban Management, municipal finance, urban development, local government, land use planning, Africa, MPA, urban planning, Regional and urban planning
Iurii Piterimov human rights, Architect, Civil Engineering, urban planning
Pooja Sastry India, Bangalore, Gujarat, urban planning, Regional planning, sustainable urban transport, gender, climate change
Lina Gonzalez colombia, Bogota, Slum Upgrading, urban planning, Urban Resilience, Heritage, green architecture, ecourbanism
Lawrence Benninger India, urban planning, resilience, Capacity Building, Collaborative Urban Design, citizen participation, stakeholder participation, Quality of Life
Jasmin Tailor london, Town Planning, urban planning, Betting Shop, development management, GIS, Sustainability, UK