Namesort ascending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Waqar Ahmed Noonari advocacy, Academic Level
Rupak Koirala advocacy Centre for Environmental Action and Development (CEAD)
Richard Haigh Professor, resilience, advocacy, Urban Built Environment
Pradeep Mohapatra BestPractices, advocacy, award UDYAMA Global Energy Network for Urban Settlements (GENUS), Global Housing Strategy, Global Network on Safer Cities, Habitat Partner University Initiative, Human Settlements in Crisis, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), UN Urban Gateway Group, World Habitat Day, World Urban Forum
pooja shetty 2015, Academic, advocacy, active transportation
Parth Chitte affordable housing policy, affordable housing, advocacy, environmental urban and territorial planning, national urban policies, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, urban planning, urban planning and design, Urban Governance
Michel Max Raynaud Africa, advocacy, Academic Level
Mensah Owusu Africa, Gender and climate change, affordable housing, advocacy, Urban informal settlements, PhD( in progress), Project development and management
Mark Napier advocacy, affordable housing, Architect, Land policy, informal settlements Urban Land Markets Programme Southern Africa (Urban LandMark) UN Urban Gateway Group
Lawrence O Ayisi affordable housing, affordable housing policy, Africa, Academic Level, Architect, 2015, advocacy UN Urban Gateway Group