Namesort descending Tags Partner affiliations Group affiliations
Asa Isacson UN-Habitat, advocacy, Architect, Outreach, UNI, urban planning and design, Programming Global Housing Strategy, Habitat Partner University Initiative, UN Urban Gateway Group, UN-HABITAT Group and Network Administrators
Bhavik Raval affordable housing, affordable housing policy, architect and planner, advocacy, city-region planning
David Bodinier Grenoble, community organizing, advocacy
Dilanthi Amaratunga disaster resilliancy, reconstruction, advocacy
Dulce Colin Partnerships, culture, advocacy, human rights, citizen participation, campaigns TECHO
Ethan Kent Project for Public Spaces, Placemaking, New York City, Future of Places, NGO, Training, advocacy, Public Spaces
HILARY F. SMITH Academic Level, advocacy, affordable housing, Latin America and the Caribbean, Action Research, Adaptation, climate mitigation
Hrishiraj Sarma India, urban planning, Urban & Regional Planner, affordable housing, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, architect and planner, advocacy, affordable housing policy, architecture, Geoinformatics, sustainable_urbanization, environmental sustainability, city-region planning, habitat, Urban Governance
Imoro Braimah advocacy, affordable housing policy, Africa, Ghana, informal urbanism