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Kristin Agnello CANADA, Masters degree, city-region planning, Master of Planning ( Urban and Regional Planning), master planning, Collaborative Urban Design, urban design, graphic design, Design for All, planning policy, affordable housing policy, Land policy, policy analysis, culture
Nassim Mehran environmental urban and territorial planning, slum urbanism, social urbanism, culture, urban, urban design, planned city expansion, city-region planning, architect and planner, urban health; urban development; social development; sustainable development, health, mental health, segregation, citizen participation, par
Dulce Colin Partnerships, culture, advocacy, human rights, citizen participation, campaigns TECHO
Richard Hamba Uganda, UNHABITAT, Youth and Decision-making, #Urbanisation, Urban Wetlands, Non-motorized Transport, Agriculture, Artist, #Resilient Cities, children's rights, Rights-Based Urban Development, Renewable Energy, African Culture, climate change, culture, urban health; urban development; social development; sustainable development TEENS Uganda, Training, Education & Empowerment for Neighborhood Sustainability (TEENS) in Uganda Global Housing Strategy, Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), UN Urban Gateway Group