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Katherine Chacon M. #PhD Urban Studies, #Urbanisation, Universal Design, #Resilient Cities, sostenibilidad, architect and planner, development planning, environmental urban and territorial planning, Gender Planning, disaster resilliancy
Bibhu Kalyan Nayak Action Research, south asia, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, environmental urban and territorial planning, architect and planner Basic Analysis and Design Workshop
Juan Carlos Gamero honduras, central america, architect and planner, Social Sustainability in Housing Development, UN-HABITAT Youth, YOUTH VOLUNTEERISM
Carles Vinardell Europe, Catalonia, architect and planner, affordable housing, responsive planning, architecture
Baya Belmessaoud architect and planner, Africa
Bhavik Raval affordable housing, affordable housing policy, architect and planner, advocacy, city-region planning
Alfonso Caroli USA, Italy, PhD Architecture, Historic Presrvation, Green Building Design, Seismic Structure Design, architect and planner, Project Management, environmental urban and territorial planning, Landscape and Architecture
Mohamed Saleh architect and planner, PhD, Public Spaces, Urban Governance, Network Society
Morgen Zivhave architect and planner, city-region planning, Urban and Peri Urban Agriculture, Planning theories, responsive planning
Hrishiraj Sarma India, urban planning, Urban & Regional Planner, affordable housing, postgraduate in regional and urban planning, architect and planner, advocacy, affordable housing policy, architecture, Geoinformatics, sustainable_urbanization, environmental sustainability, city-region planning, habitat, Urban Governance