Elevated bike lane opens in Copenhagen

Constructed over the harbour, Cykelslangen, or 'Cycle Snake', is Copenhagen's newest elevated cycle path. The orange cycle lane connects to the harbour bridge, leaving the ground level free for pedestrians.

Cykelslangen was opened on 29 June, after eight years of planning and construction. It is four metres wide with two lanes and is 220 metres long. 

Cyclists have reacted to Cykelslangen with excitement, as they no longer have to share the narrow spaces at ground level with pedestrians, or take their bicycles up and down stairs when using the bridge at the harbour.

Copenhagen is renowned for being a cycling city, as some 36 per cent of daily commutes are undertaken by bicycle. The city aims to increase cycling's modal share to 50 per cent by 2025, through developing safe and separated infrastructure for cyclists as well as pedestrians and cars.

The elevated cycle lane is the latest addition to Copenhagen's innovative approach to cycling infrastructure. Another recent arrival is a Cycle Super Highway, permitting cyclists from municipalities in Copenhagen's metropolitan area easy access to the city centre. For more information, read the case study on Eltis.

For more information about Cykelslangen, visit the Guardian.

Source: ELTIS

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Cykelslangen, Copenhagen.