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[ News ] Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 10:33
When rural migrants flock to “first-tier“ cities like Shanghai looking for jobs, their lack of permanent residency, or hukou, push them to China’s informal housing market. Most migrants live on the outskirts, some clustering in “urban villages” and others living in storage basements and converted bomb shelters, even in sewers. Some live among permanent residents throughout the already-overcrowded... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 10:12
Regulations on the Administration of Domestic Waste in Shanghai came into effect on July 1, 2019. This shows that Shanghai is carrying out the most ambitious garbage revolution in history, with the topic "Garbage Classification Revolution" in Shanghai becoming a major point of public discussion, attracting media attention at home and abroad. 1. Shanghai's waste classification system:... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 10:03
Handcrafted Furniture Indonesia All things considered, you are not going to purchase room furniture, all the time. An attractive piece may very well end up being of low quality and in a brief time, you will most likely hear it squeaking and squeaking. To keep away from such catastrophe, select furniture that is a blend of strength just as polish and visual intrigue. Craftsmanship Give dazzling... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 09:36
Last month, 15 cities — Los Angeles included — created something unprecedented: their own standards body. A year after launching the Mobility Data Specification (MDS) — a suite of APIs to manage bicycles, scooters, and other forms of “micromobility” — LA's effort to use code and concrete to regulate went viral. More than 70 cities around the globe started to use it, surpassing LADOT’s mandate to... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 08:48
From Toronto to Tokyo, the challenges faced by cities today are often remarkably similar: climate change, rising housing costs, traffic, economic polarization, unemployment. To tackle these problems, new technology companies and industries have been sprouting and scaling up with innovative digital solutions like ride sharing and home sharing. Without a doubt, the city of the future must be... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 - 08:31
Rapid urbanisation in recent decades has driven people closer to city centres, but many continue to live on the outskirts or even further afield in remote communities. Despite this, the subject of future mobility has been dominated by addressing the needs of city slickers; rural dwellers have experienced very little, if any, of the new mobility services being rolled out. The emphasis being placed... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 23:28
A floating city on the water might sound like a science fiction idea, but these innovative city concepts could soon be making their way into our oceans. In April 2019, the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat) discussed designing sustainable floating cities to help prepare for damage related to climate change. Alongside the Oceanix company, they unveiled a plan for a 10,000-... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 12:05
The narrative about global inequality and poverty often focuses on rural areas in the global south, with a heavy emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. But the reality is that poverty is becoming more concentrated in cities across the world. WRI’s own framing paper for its flagship World Resources Report, Towards a More Equal City, highlights this increasing “urbanization of poverty.”... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 11:47
In June 2016 Flavia Marzano received a phone call from Rome’s newly elected Five Star Movement mayor, Virginia Raggi, inviting her to be interviewed by Raggi–and a panel of 20 others–to head up Rome’s Innovation and Digital Transformation department as Assessore or Councillor. “I asked her to please give me some time to think about it but she gave me one minute!” exclaims Marzano. “So I took the... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 11:43
Cities worldwide are pursuing the goal of sustainable and inclusive urban development. To achieve this, knowledge exchange at an international level and building networks for politicians, city administrators, practitioners, academics, and researchers to engage with each other is becoming increasingly important. A quick and easy way to connect and learn from practical experiences in sustainable... Read more