Urban Mobility & IIoT Forum: New Models for Deployment in Smart Cities


Major urbanization trends, aging infrastructure and the rise in extreme weather is driving a growing number of cities to embrace cleantech infrastructure projects that are making them more efficient, sustainable and resilient.

And the growth of cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is enabling cities to deploy low cost sensors and collect data to make critical city systems more intelligent, interconnected and efficient. This is enabling a growing contingent of mayors and other city officials to track a vast array of data such as traffic patterns and air pollution.

Key areas of focus in smart city projects today include urban mobility, such as smart parking, electric vehicles and public transit as well as connected buildings and smart grid infrastructure.

Our Forum will discuss new technology and business models gaining traction in these smart city projects. We will focus on policy drivers, technology trends, corporate innovations and partnerships that are creating new business opportunities and making cities smarter, cleaner and more resilient.

Join municipal decision makers, large corporations, automobile manufacturers, financiers, project developers and startups to discuss the latest developments and new opportunities being created by this growing trend.

7:30am Breakfast & Networking

8:30am Smart City Municipal Leaders Policy Panel

Our panel of smart city municipal leaders will discuss urban mobility projects that have taken root in major cities.

Key issues the panel will address includes:

  • What new business models are enabling urban mobility projects to move forward?
  • How will policy impact future decisions around urban mobility?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for urban mobility innovation development in smart cities?

Speakers include:

  • Daniel Spitzer, Partner, Hodgson Russ (moderator)
  • Michael Replogle, Deputy Commissioner for Policy, New York City Dept. of Transportation
  • Jeffrey Marootian, Interim Director at the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) - Washington, DC
  • Alex Pazuchanics, Assistant Director of Policy and Planning, Dept. of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh

9:15am Leading Corporate Smart City Innovators Panel

This panel will cover urban mobility and IIoT trends coming over the next 5-10 years that major corporates are investing in today and how they are working with innovative startups to test and adopt new solutions, including EV charging, ride sharing models, connected cars and in smart grid and industrial applications.

Key issues the panel will address includes:

  • How is IIoT driving the growth of smart infrastructure development in smart cities and industrial settings?
  • How are corporates working with municipalities, starups and other stakeholders to develop new partnership models in smart city projects?
  • Where are the top areas for investment across IIoT and urban mobility?

Speakers include:

  • Adam E. Bergman, SVP, CleanTech Banking, Wells Fargo (moderator)
  • Andy Haun, CTO, Micgrogrids & Smart Cities, Schneider Electric
  • John Farmer, Director, Technology & Civic Innovation,Microsoft
  • Brent Taylor, General Manager Maven NYC at General Motors

10am Keynote Presentation - EV Charging & Energy Storage Trends

Speaker: Tim Kreukniet, VP, Business Development, EVBox

10:15am Leading Project & Technology Developers

We will hear brief presentations from leading project and technology developers that are gaining traction in smart city projects with different technologies and business models. Our moderator will highight their different approaches, key challenges and uncover which technologies are gaining the most traction with cities and private companies.

Speakers include:

11:00am Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality: Lessons from Boston & Beyond: BCG

Speakers include:

  • Brian Collie, Partner & Head, North American Automotive Practice, Boston Consulting Group
  • Augustin K. Wegscheider, Principal, Boston Consulting Group
  • Gretchen Effgen, VP Global Partnerships, nuTonomy

11:30am Presentation on IoT & Energy Management in Connected Buildings 

Speaker: Martin Flusberg, CEO, Powerhouse Dynamics

12pm – 1:30PM Urban Mobility as a Venture Investment Theme, Startup Presentations & Lunch Networking

Leading startups, selected by our advisory board, working across smart city, urban mobility and IIoT innovation will deliver short presentations to an audience of potential investors and corporate partners.

Micah Kotch, Managing Director, URBAN-X, an accelerator initiative within the BMW Group, will lead this session. Startup presenters include:

  • Miguel Dickson, Senior Software Engineer, Roadbotics(AI/roadway navigation)
  • Jane Hoffer, Managing Director, Veniam (Internet of Moving Things/connected vehicles)
  • John Xin, CEO, Lunewave (Antenna and sensor technology for autonomous vehicles)
  • Bryan Hansel, CEO, Chanje Energy (Electric vehicle fleets/last mile delivery)
  • Ro Gupta, CEO, Camera (3D maps and navigation data)

Food is being provided by Untamed Sandwiches, a NYC-based eatery focusing on locally sourced, high quality ingredients offering free range meat and vegetable sandwiches, salads and plates made with sustainable ingredients from local farms.

Agenda is subject to change.

Please contact us at info@cleantechiq.com for further information.

Start date: 
Friday, December 1, 2017
End date: 
Friday, December 1, 2017