Innovations and Technologies "build" smart cities

The sixth consecutive organization of the Smart Cities Conference is loyal to the March meeting and will also be the dynamic annual meeting of all stakeholders for the development of "smart" and sustainable cities in 2018. Besides, the previous events became the reference point for the issues concerning the "smart" cities in Greece, with the joint presence of Mayors & High Representatives from many dozens of municipalities, senior officials from co-competent Ministries, high-level representatives of institutions, Universities and companies from all the sectors involved.

Today, local government faces increasing pressures to adapt to modern operational and evolving requirements in order to:

  • ensure a balance between growth - quality of life - climate protection
  • become economically viable
  • meet the needs and expectations of citizens
  • attract investment and new businesses.

In this context, regional and local government bodies as well as governments are working to make urbanization "manageable" and sustainable for the future and shape their own strategy for the implementation of "smart" cities.

The Smart City concept is now an extremely attractive challenge for local authorities, citizens, and private sector actors. By assisting with the smart technologies necessary to achieve this goal, all stakeholders have taken or should take a range of measures to achieve their goals.

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Friday, March 9, 2018
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Friday, March 9, 2018