Affordable Housing in Urban India

03 July–30 September 2017 | IIHS Library, Bangalore City Campus

Housing supply for the income poor has always been understood in terms of quantifiable outputs and minimum square feet. On the other hand, the formal and private housing market for those who can afford to pay is bound by no such restrictions. In light of the growing housing shortage and the increasing prices of real estate, ‘affordable housing’ has been posited as a possible solution. This refers to housing that is affordable to those who earn less than the median income. Recent policies and government initiatives have been geared towards creating an enabling environment to increase the supply of affordable housing stock and address the issue of inadequate housing.

This eleventh IIHS Library exhibition attempts to unpack concepts such as affordability, viability and adequacy, which are key to understanding current debates and policy regimes concerning affordable housing in India. Towards this end, it makes available a wide range of resources, including academic texts as well as government policy reports. These available books and data can be searched at Library Catalogue.

The exhibition is free and open to public.

Source: IIHS

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Start date: 
Monday, July 3, 2017
End date: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017
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