The Land where the Sticker Tree Grows

Do those of us who lead an urban lifestyle consider biodiversity too remote a problem? Or are we aware that the choices we make, our consumption patterns and our outlook towards natural resources define which and how many species we will share the planet with in the future? The storybook unravels these themes and others that draw connections between the urban lifestyle and biological diversity. Through this project Malvika Tiwari explored the possibilities of communication design for the purpose of awareness building through storytelling.

The Communicating Biodiversity project was initiated by the National Biodiversity Authority of India and housed and managed by the Design, Environment and Law (DEL) Laboratory at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology as a way of communicating the importance of biodiversity to the wider public through creative modes of communication, such as this storybook.

Author: Malvika Tiwari, Editors: Deepta Sateesh, Debjani B.

Gateway Fields