What is the Urban Gateway?

The Urban Gateway is an online community to help cities and urban practitioners across the world unite to share knowledge and take action.

Who can join the Urban Gateway?

Organizations and individuals working towards sustainable cities.  This can range members of national governments, local authorities, civil society organizations including community, youth and women's organizations, academic and research institutions, professional institutions, private sector companies, foundations, and the media, among others.

How do I join Urban Gateway?

Go to www.urbangateway.org and register to become a user.  You can also join one of the open networks on the Gateway.

How do I upload content on the Urban Gateway?

After registering and logging on to the Urban Gateway, click on Create content.  This can be found below your name on the right hand side of the screen.  You can post news, events, documents, jobs, awards and much more. You can create organization profiles, groups and questions to interact with other members of the Urban Gateway.

How do I interact and collaborate with other members of the Urban Gateway?

When logged in, you can interact with other members in several ways including: commenting on posted content; contacting them via a contact form; creating questions on various urban issues to engage the minds of other members and get their views; creating organization profiles to share knowldege resources and opportunities with other Urban Gateway members; and creating groups on specific urban issues and inviting other members to join so as to share knowledge resources.

Can I share certain content on other social media websites?

Yes, you can! Use the share button right beneath the content to share content on twitter, facebook, google bookmarks and many other social media websites.

Is the Urban Gateway available on social media?

Yes we are! The Urban Gateway is available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Our account name for each of the accounts is Urbangateway.