WCCD City Data For The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2018)

WCCD City Data for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal highlights the fact that high calibre city level data is already building in breadth and depth to support the SDGs, and that this data is essential to the success of the SDGs, since city leaders stand at the pivotal points for global change in building a more sustainable planet. Cities represent more than 80 percent of global GDP.  This WCCD results-driven tracking empowers cities to direct and leverage investment, a core success factor in operationalizing each and every target across all of the SDGs. It is cities and globally standardized city level data that present an unparalleled opportunity for successful implementation of the SDGs by 2030. 

The cities whose data is featured in this report are cities that have dedicated their staff and leadership to building a culture of data that is driving progress towards a sustainable planet by 2030.

Source: Data For Cities

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