Blockchain, a tool for metropolitan governance?

Blockchain has become the fashion word. It is so topical that it has also entered the urban environment in a strong way. Blockchain technology is considered to be a technologically revolutionary element, at the level of what the emergence of the Internet might have meant at the time. There are those who present Blockchain as an element of change in the economy and society, with a potential capable of transforming industry and services, as well as social relations. But will the emergence of blockchain bring only technological changes or will it be a social revolution? What role does it play in social transformation and in improving the construction of metropolitan governance.

This 5th Issue paper of the Metropolis Observatory attempts to provide answers to these questions, from a perspective of the metropolitan reality. It is also a tool to better understand what is and what does blockchain represent, both at a technological, political and social level.

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Alfonso Govela

Gateway Fields