GHS 2025 invites students from all over the world to enter the Turintogreen competition

GHS 2025 is one of the partners of The Research and Documentation Centre in Technology, Architecture and City in Developing Countries (CRD-PVS) at thePolitecnico di Torino (Italy) in launching its first architectural competition entitled "Turintogreen".

The vision of the competition is to design "Dwellings integrated with food production, in traditional (surface field) or innovative (vertical) models; housing for low income people and immigrants, with agricultural skills; spaces, services and features to let the younger generation reinvent their own way to work; urban farming that opens towards a new economy, including education, documentation, food retailing, agricultural and zoo-technical services." 

Participants are invited to apply their talent and to reflect on the following general objectives, related with the key issues of the area: 

  • To repopulate the neighbourhood making it an attractive and vibrant area for younger generations, students, young couples, and the first employed. 
  • To foster the weaker strata of society, the new citizens, unemployed, seasonal and irregular workers, to settle in the area. 
  • To constrain the conditions that might lead to speculation, gentrification and social eviction. 
  • To contribute to increase employment in the area at urban level, starting from its natural green inclination, integrating agriculture, handicraft, and ICT. 
  • To suggest new lifestyle formats to live the job (flexible time frame, home based, delocalized...), new models of community, new participatory processes to the construction or the maintenance phases not exclusively money based. 
  • To introduce models of design, construction, management, maintenance and control that engages (partially or totally) the inhabitants. 

Mohamed El Sioufi, Coordinator of GHS 2025 is one of the jury members of the competition. We invite Architectural and Urban Planning students from all parts of the world to provide the inputs to this paperless competition.

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