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Share your vision of the most sustainable city

Have you ever dreamed of making the most advanced and sustainable city happen? Well, then this is your chance. 

URBAN FUTURE Projects is realizing the first large-scale urban development pilot project in the world that integrates visions, knowhow and bold ideas from many of the brightest minds when it comes to sustainable development. City Changers from around the world will envision a new type of sustainable city and co-create a real city that will serve as a model for future developments across the globe. 

The 8.3 km2 development in China constitutes of mainland as well as a series of artificial islands. With more than 12m m2 GFA of high-density mixed use it will become home to 300,000 citizens and a mayor business hub for green-tech companies.

How to get involved and shape the future together with us:

You are an expert or have a vision of how our cities should be like? Then share your thoughts and post your vision of a new city. Let us know what kind of goals a new city should be aiming for, how it should feel to live and work there, and what targets should be achieved in the fields of 

  • energy
  • building technology & construction
  • mobility
  • food (eg. vertical farming)
  • water
  • waste

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Deadline/closing date: 
Sunday, December 31, 2017