Smart Cities Exchange Conference (SCiX)

The Smart Cities Exchange Conference (SCiX) offers City Mayors, City Managers, Chief Technology Officers, Economic Development Secretaries, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Urban Planners, Energy and Infrastructure Agencies and C level Executives the opportunity to explore and learn what is working in the most successful Smart Cities of the World, establish international collaborative networks to support their own Smart City transformations and interact with the latest technology innovations, disruptive leaders and business models fueling the cities of the future.

Smart Cities is the latest concept when it comes to building the cities of the future. Smart Cities are expected to be the key to combining a sustainable future with continued economic growth and job creation regardless of the size and development stage of the city.

How can Smart Cities learn from each other, implement innovations and share them among each other in order to solve local problems with a global scope?

Source: Smart Cities X

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