Practitioners SURVEY | Implementing Transit-Oriented Development (iTOD) Project | TU Delft

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Implementing Transit-Oriented Development (iTOD) is a research project funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The project focuses on achieving the integration of urban development and transport nodes – often referred to as Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) – in order to deliver more sustainable patterns of urban development. The main geographical focus of the project is the Amsterdam metropolitan region. One part of the project is concerned with understanding the processes of using, representing and translating knowledge and information in planning Transit-Oriented Development. More information about the iTOD project is available online at


A short survey has been developed to collect some background information for the project. The aim of the survey is to identify how policy ideas on Transit-Oriented Development are being transferred. More specifically, the survey aims to understand whether (and why) policy ideas from Amsterdam are being used as inspiration for policies elsewhere (outside the Netherlands). Your responses to the questions will be treated confidentially and will be used to identify contacts and reports in order to trace the transfer of policy ideas concerning land-use planning and transport planning.

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