Minneapolis considers switching to single-stream recycling

Minneapolis' complex recycling system could get a whole lot easier!

The Minneapolis City Council's Transportation and Public Works Committee voted on May 15 to begin transitioning the city's recycling program toward single-stream collection, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Residents would be able to put all recyclables into one container, something the city hopes would raise its recycling rate from 18% to 60%.

"It's hard for me to express how excited I am about this recommendation," Council Member Elizabeth Glidden told the news organization. "I've had residents who, frankly, are angry that we don't have a system that is more simple, that encourages more recycling."

For the last 23 years, the news organization said, Minneapolis residents have had to divide their recyclables according to nine different categories and place them into separate bags for biweekly pickup.

The recommendation to switch to single-stream recycling is expected to come before the full City Council on May 25. The program could be in effect by next year.

Source: Waste & Recycling News

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