Cities Will Greatly Benefit from More Greenery as Urban Areas Rapidly Expand, UN Report Finds

As urban areas of the world continue to grow, there is a great opportunity to improve cities, making them healthier for people, simply by increasing greenery, according to a study released by the UN on Monday.

It’s been estimated that urban areas will more than double in size by 2030. With proper measures in place, this growth can greatly improve the quality of life for those living in cities.

Some of those measures are to increase parks, trees, and rooftop gardens and greenery. These actions can, somewhat surprisingly, go a long way towards decreasing city pollution, as well as helping to protect local plants and animals. This is considered especially important in rapidly growing nations like China and India, where city growth can occur practically overnight.

“Rich biodiversity can exist in cities and is extremely critical to people’s health and well-being,” wrote Thomas Elmqvist of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, scientific editor of the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook.

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