Morph My City Challenge


Morph My City Challenge (MMCC) is a two-part innovation competition that will encourage and reward radical new approaches to sustainable urban planning. The Challenge consists of two prizes, both calling for innovative solution for sustainable designing problems. The Prizes are internationally advertised and are set up to draw the most innovative solutions from around the world.

The Prizes

Greenfield Prize

The Greenfield Prize is calling on innovators (including students, university teams and startups) from around the world to come up with a plan for an entirely new neighbourhood. This Prize is based on an imaginary, empty area, 100 hectares in size, where there are no existing systems and an urban utopia can be created from scratch. The end product should be an intrinsic city part where the air is clean and the constructs of buildings and systems are sustainable

Prize: The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize

2040 Prize

The big challenge of today is to transform our existing cities into more sustainable cities. This is exactly what this Prize is aiming for. We will reward the team that comes up with the best plan of how to gradually morph Regina into a green utopia by the year 2040. We are not looking for the most detailed plan but for the best concept for how to redesign this place!

Prize: The winner will be awarded a contract worth $50,000

Finalists will be invited to pitch their plans to big city mayors and city planners at the 2012 National Infrastructure Summit in Regina, Canada

For more information, kindly follow the link below.

Deadline/closing date: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2012